Our Story

We are a Danish based organisation.

based in Elsinore home of Hamlet.
Hydras started as an organisation in 2015 but the people behind it have many years of experience in Esport’s it’ll be as player/coach/manager/trainer to founder/ceo/partner etc etc. Our intentions are to bring up some of the best teams in Denmark, with consistent and hard dedicated work towards reaching the top. We are an organisation founded on good positive attitude and with the highest work ethics, that is what we want to bring into our teams and esport in Denmark. Our goal is to always seek out the best talents in brave new gametitles and to maintain a steady goal of progress in every aspect but still with the respect for each individual players comfort zones. We are using our own developed training programs which are developed with certified T1 league soccer trainer who have been involved in our team for over a year now, where we have been following the needs and the nots for esports players.